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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Tunk: Blog Post 1

This week i set about organizing the layout for the retro mini game. The basic idea was to create a short retro style game which would be challenging and addictive. Using a grid based system, i set out each of the games walls to be evenly spaced for ease of editing. It was my wish to have the directional buttons move the character one space at a time. This would leave the game as a pure timing exercise. Below is a provisional layout of the mini game.

From each black dot, yellow lasers will flash at different speeds. The player will be required to time each laser to progress. Further on keys will need to be collected in order for doors to open to progress. As seen above, small red/greens keys will remove to large red/green doors. The above designs textures are temporary. This mini game will show how Tunk escapes to the sewer (Green Door).

Steve has begun working on the scripts, while Pete has been keeping us updated on the character model of Tunk and it looks very good at the moment. At the time of writing, Steve and I have a half working prototype of this mini game.

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